5 Unique Contributions of Our Clinic

5 Unique Contributions of Our Clinic | The Christian Doctor

We had a staff meeting to discuss what makes our clinic unique. We have people from all over asking us this question, What is it that you do?

While we need to be careful about putting the emphasis on methodology I’ve outlined five areas where our clinic has a unique contribution.

  1. We practice comprehensive patient care. Now we don’t do full spectrum medicine in the same way other family medicine doctors who practice both oupatient and inpatient medicine, emergency room and OB care. But we do have 30 minute visits where we address a wide range of issues such as acute problems, chronic problems, preventive measures and spiritual issues. All primary care clinics address acute and chronic problems. Fewer clinics address preventive measures. And far fewer deal with spiritual issues.
  2. We help the church do health ministries in the community. Our churches seek relevant and tangible ways to impact our communities. This has been done with 4-8 week health programs, bi-monthly Dinner with the Doctor programs and others. Last summer we partnered with Your Best Pathway to Health and treated 3,111 patients in 2 days pouring $8,000,000 of free health care into the city of Spokane. Christian physicians and providers bolster both credibility and safety for these type of health ministry programs. Imagine the impact your church would have if you partnered with them?
  3. We provide education. We provide educational opportunities to anyone interested in learning about the mission and vision of the clinic. We’ve taught high school students, college students, nurse practitioner students, medical students, residents and even seasoned physicians.
  4. We do experimentation in the community. We are constantly looking for ways to uniquely partner with the church and reach our community. Two summers ago the clinic partnered with 6 health coaches from the church. These health coaches worked in patient homes daily to bring about lifestyle change and connect with them spiritually over 7 weeks. The stories of changed lives were incredible
  5. We engage church members by connecting them with the needs in the community. As Christian physicians and providers, we can keep the church from being isolated and irrelevant. We do this by connecting patients with the resources of the church. I’ve had patients ask me, “Aren’t you a part of that church interested in health. Can you send me someone who can help me cook?” Another Christian patient of mine admitted how much she feared the events after death. She was interested in receiving Bible studies on this topic.

As a Christian physician or provider in your area, what unique contribution can you offer your community? Leave me a comment.

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  • Reply Ruby Camagay-Tangonan July 8, 2016 at 9:34 pm

    Andrew, this conversation on the influence of the Christian physician to the community brings back priceless memorable rewards of satisfaction in service.
    Some ways I used Christ’s method in reaching out to others involved facilitating to make the church a regular monthly free food distribution center in partnership with the City Food Bank. And while the people in the community came for their monthly supply of food, personal interaction with them with health promotion was carried out through BP checks, info banners, fliers or invitations to a health emphasis event. Some recipients liked home visitations for Bible study, participated in by youth elders and deacons. This was when I encountered one lady who claimed to be a wife of Satan???? And future several meetings with her led me to study and understand better how God’s love in action through us can change a heart searching for authentic faith in God. There is no fear even with queer behavior because “perfect love casts out fear.”
    Another well appreciated episode was doing a school employee wellness program targeting professors and staff who are supposed to be role models to students. Spending some quality time with these community leaders forged lasting friendship relationships that enable the sharing of faith through your own lifestyle.
    These are just two happy ways I have experienced on how I shared my faith as a Christian physician. There can be more… But it will no longer be a comment????.
    I believe the best way to give optimal health to others is first to receive from the Source what we need to give. Don’t you think so?

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